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Turning Point Brittanys only breeds once every 2 years, on average. This is not an organization that exists to make money with litter after litter. Not judging, that is just not our model. We carefully choose our breeding pairs. We match our females with the very best quality sires we can find. We strive for breeding dogs that are not only pleasing to look at but are also able to hunt all day with you. Julie Nelson has studied pedigrees for decades. With great zeal we adhere to the breed standard and support dogs that are sound in temperament. We want your Turning Point Brittany to be a family dog that you can easily enjoy at home but also be a go-getter out in the field. We look for dogs that have a gait with no wasted motion. This will allow them to run for hours with a minimum of strain on their bodies.

Early on puppies in our breeding program get early neurological stimulation utilizing the super puppy program. You can read more about this on the “Breeding Better Dogs” website,  We expose our puppies to multiple stimuli, both visual and audio. Our puppies hear the sounds of babies crying, thunderstorms, construction equipment, garbage trucks, doorbells, vacuum cleaners and more, all through the magic of YouTube. Their tiny paws touch a huge variety of surfaces. They have steps to climb, tunnels to crawl through and so much more. They are crate trained and have come a long way in potty training before they go to their forever homes. Our daily Facebook updates are a huge hit with our followers with each litter we breed.

We seek to have the dual dog, first and foremost. We aren’t breeding show dogs. We aren’t breeding field dogs. We ARE breeding both. You would be hard pressed to find another Brittany breeder that goes to the extraordinary lengths we go to in order to provide you with the very best puppy possible.

Current and Future Litters

 Our latest breeding happened in February of 2024 between our female Hannah and sire Wingra’s Indy-Go! “Indy”. Hannah is due to have her puppies late in April. Stay tuned for more and be sure to check out the Turning Point Brittanys Facebook page for frequent updates.


For more information on this very impressive young dog, click HERE