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NAGDCH RU DC TurningPts Landslide DJ- Mack

NAGDCH RU DC TurningPts Landslide DJ Mack was born on October 26, 2011 and was unmistakable from the start. He was big and solid even as a little puppy. His calm, even temperament was evident from the start. In the field as a juvenile, Mack excelled and got better and better showing strength and intelligence in his run and game finding ability. He handles easily and to the front at all times. He was awarded LaSalle Brittany Club’s juvenile dog of the year for both 2012 and 2013. In the show ring, Mack is very distinctive as he looks so beautiful when seen from both the front and the side. His side gate is quite lovely with tremendous reach and drive. Mack finished his show championship in June 2015 and completed his Field Championship in March 2016 making him the 636th Dual Champion Brittany

Mack is OFA (  ) good and you can see his Penn Hip report (  ) by clicking on the link below. The results are quite outstanding.

October 2016 Mack placed 4th in the Amateur Gun Dog Nationals in Ionia, MI. Qualified again, in 2017 he was awarded Runner Up National Champion with Jon St. Clair handling him. With a strong forward pattern and stunning bird work, Mack was hard to beat.

At the National Specialty show in November 2017, Mack won the Dual Champion class. Following the completion of the 2017 Nationals, the American Brittany Club awarded Mack the W. E. Stevenson Sr. Memorial National Dual Dog award  As a breeder of top quality dual Brittanys, we were deeply honored to receive the recognition.