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October 26, 2018|
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Turning Point Brittanys is pleased to announce that CH Turning Point Lady of Victory has been invited to participate in the third annual American Brittany Club Shooting Dog Derby Invitational to be held in Ionia, MI on Saturday, October 27, 2018.  There is a competitive field of eight dogs vying for the trophy and we are very honored that Nike is one of them. 

Judges Al Cropek and Marc Rittner will be in the saddle to watch as each brace of dogs will run for an hour as the cover the beautiful, rolling hills of the field trial grounds in Ionia.  Each dog will be judged on its ability to locate game, point with style, run with extreme stamina and demonstrate independence as a future adult hunting dog.  May the birds be plentiful and the sun glisten on the frosty grasses as each dog takes to the field.

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