Turning Point Brittanys

Shandi and Trace Puppies

Puppies in our breeding program get early neurological stimulation utilizing the super puppy program. You can read more about this on the “Breeding Better Dogs” website here



Shandi and Trace puppies were born on February 21st, 2020.  Three males, two females. Photos and video have been added to this page throughout their early stages of development and are on Julie’s Facebook page and several will be added to our Turning Point Facebook page as well.  All were spoken for before they were born.

We couldn’t have picked better homes and lives for these puppies. We see them flourishing and loving life. While we miss them we don’t want them back (LOL). We have our hands full with our own pack. We worked hard to expose these puppies to as much as possible, like standing on at least seven different surfaces, getting baths, having their nails done by a Dremel at least once a week, getting brushed regularly, meeting quail, being desensitized to sounds like the vacuum, thunderstorms, trucks, children playing, children crying and more. We also started taking them outside to learn potty training at 4 weeks and several were ringing the bell we hang at the door to go outside before they went home to their new humans.

Once again, we kept one female, Turning Points Rolling In The Deep, Hannah. Shandi was every bit the wonderful mother she was with her first litter late in 2018. Three months after having this litter, however, she was back to work with Bob Burchett, at Burchett’s Bird Dogs, getting ready to defend her 2019 Open National Gun Dog Championship. We thank all those who followed this litter on Facebook and gave us such great feedback. We loved the litter and look for big things from them in the future. We see future podium potential in them all! This will be fun to watch.