Turning Point Brittanys

Mack and Monet Puppies

Puppies in our breeding program get early neurological stimulation utilizing the super puppy program. You can read more about this on the “Breeding Better Dogs” website here

On January 20, 2017 Monet gave birth to 7 perfectly healthy puppies, 5 girls and two boys. With one exception, our puppies were placed in competitive homes or with families with ample space for the dogs to safely run and play or go hunting with. We kept one puppy, Nike. We had zero problems with this litter after they were born. We did the Super Puppy exercises with them to promote early neurostimulation. They were socialized with many different people including children throughout their time with us. We made noise, ran the vacuum around them and they handled everything beautifully. They are fully capable of handling just about anything that comes their way in life, and we see that first hand with Nike in our home and with our professional field trainer.