Turning Point Brittanys

Mack and Shandi Puppies

Puppies in our breeding program get early neurological stimulation utilizing the super puppy program. You can read more about this on the “Breeding Better Dogs” website here

Turning Point Brittanys



Mack and Shandi puppies were born on December 10th, 2018.  Four males, two females. Photos and video have been added to this page throughout their early stages of development.  Some photos with their new owners are included here as well. All were spoken for at about 2 weeks and we could not be happier with their new homes and lives. Puppies were potty trained before they went home which as no small feat for us during the polar vortex that hit the Northern IL area during their first few weeks on earth. All the puppies were athletic and strong and very healthy when they went to their respective homes. We kept one female, Turning Points Like A Rock, Seger. Shandi was a remarkable mother and the entire litter was a joy to watch and raise.