From Julie Nelson- My old man Jac is my soul mate in a dog. In his day he was a big running shooting dog while being very biddable. I knew when I put him on the ground to run that he would always be out front hunting hard for birds. Jac has always loved to run in the heat – the hotter the day, the more he liked it. In field trials, I could handle him both off foot and horseback, though it was certainly easier off horse due to his natural range. He was bold and confident in his approach to the field. A very strong athlete, Jac is always looking for more. Whether he was running for an hour or hunting all day, he seemed to have an inexhaustible source of energy. Now, as a senior citizen, he can still play ball for a couple hours each day and go home wanting to play more. He cannot hunt any longer, as his age has taken his hearing, so I am to cautious to not let him get where he can’t easily see me. Showing Jac has always been a pleasure. His side gait is a lovely illustration of “no wasted movement,” with beautiful reach and drive. Jac is a Best in Specialty Show winner and has multiple Judge’s Award of Merit to add to many, many Best of Opposite Sex. Even now, at 12 years old, he is still pleasing the judges in the ring while earning an Award of Merit at the Iowa Specialty show in September 2011. His first BISS was won from the field trial class on a weekend when he was also competing in the field. What a great weekend that was!

Jac’s crowning achievement was when we competed in the 2007 Amateur Gun Dog Nationals with 47 other dogs and were awarded third in the country. I have never been more proud of my guy. He had two lovely finds which he handled perfectly and his run was flawless and effortless while always being out to the front.

Jac’s Accomplishments

2000 — Illinois Field Trial Association Juvenile Horseback Field Dog of the year

2001 — Central Futurity Runner-Up Central Region Gun Dog

2003 — Finished show, field and dual championship

2004 — Winner Michigan Shooting Dog Classic

2004 & 2005 — Received judge’s award of merit at the LaSalle Specialty show

2005 — Runner up Michigan Shooting Dog Championship

2005 — #5 AKC All Pointing Breeds

2005 — Winner Iowa Specialty show Best In Specialty show from the field trial dog class

2007 — Amateur Gun Dog Nationals Third place (a very proud day for me)

2008 — Finished Amateur Field Championship (my first and again a very proud accomplishment for me)

2008 — Second at the International Brittany Shooting Dog Championship

2008 — Second at the International Open Gun Dog Classic

2009 — First place LaSalle Brittany Club (spring trial) open gun dog

2011 — Judges Award of Merit at Iowa Specialty show 12 YEARS OLD!

Good bye to my buddy

January 7, 2013

Today is the day, little buddy, when I say good bye to you.  You have been my good and faithful best friend for 13 1/2 years and now the ravages of kidney failure have taken you from me.  We will meet again.  But for now I will write my tribute to you.

How do I find the words to describe the time with you in my life? What a ride and oh what a thrill it has been.  In everything you did, you gave it your all…always.  You never let up regardless of the circumstances.  Always your eyes said to me, “More, more, I can give you more”.  And give you did.  Every time you were on the ground to run, you amazed me with your grace and power.  Your unrelenting attack of whatever ground you were on was always fun to watch as you would race around and fly over the hills in search of the next covey of birds.  No matter what I did with you, you always gave it your very best.  We had fun, didn’t we little buddy, at the Nationals as we redefined what someone could do in the Parade of Titleholders ring?  What fun we had making people laugh as you ran and jumped after your squeaky toy.  No matter what I wanted you to do, you did with gusto.  We were a team that was hard to beat.

Many who knew us together would marvel at what a team we were.  I know it will be hard to find that in another.  With as many times as you have been bred, I have never kept a puppy until this last litter.  Born in October, 2011 it was to be your last litter because within two short months you were sterile as a result of the progressing kidney failure.  Mack was born into a litter of 11 beautiful pups.  Thank you for giving me this amazing gift.  The year you and I were able to give him as you helped to begin shaping his attack of the field will be invaluable as he now takes the baton.  Your pace had slowed but you still knew what to do and you took him by the hand as he was just a little pup to show him to go to the tree lines, run hard and fast.  So cute as he chased you through the field.  Then quickly he was out running you and his time to compete had come and your time with us was growing shorter and shorter.

Today as your once strong legs went out from under you, I knew it was time.  Your loving eyes always so willing to please said “I can’t do anymore”.  My promise to you was that you would never have to suffer.  Ever.  It is time for you to go.  I will see you again.  I love you now as always, my little buddy.   Rest in eternal peace, my best friend.

Jac Pedigree