January 2, 2020|
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Shandi has earned her first national title. Shandi was named runner up at the 2019 ABC National Amateur Championships. Shandi was handled by her owner, Julie Nelson, and scouted by Tommy Thomas.  Over the course of her hour on the ground a downpour hit the grounds at 18 minutes and the judges, George Hill and Kipp Linard, told the handlers to call in their dogs and pause for awhile until the torrential rains stopped.  Shandi dutifully came back to Julie but seemed quite puzzled as to why a break in the action was necessary. After about 5 minutes the judges started the clock again and Shandi was off, anxious to get back into the action. At about 25 minutes, Shandi had a nice covey find, pointed with style and intensity. From that point on Shandi ran hard and to the front until time was called.  At age four, this placement is what we hope will be the first of many placements at the National Championships.

2018 Runner Up National Amateur Championships Plaque
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